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Whole Spices
Whole spices are highly utilized in the culinary sectors. These spices are used for making many recipes of the restaurants and kitchenettes. These spices crackle to release the aroma and make the food tastier. They also contain some health benefits. 

Blended Spices
Blended spices are the powder forms of the spices, that are extensively utilized in the medical and culinary sectors for making organic medicines and tasty meals respectively. The spices contain antioxidant properties that are advantageous to the health.

Grounded Spices
Grounded spices are extensively utilized in the commercial kitchens. These spices are the basic ingredients that make the food tasty. Additionally, the spices also help in boosting the immune system of the body due to the presence of strong and healthy components.  

Himalayan Salt Lumps and Powder
Himalayan salt lumps and powder is a specific kind of salt, that looks reddish or pink in color. The salt is uniquely salty and used in the culinary sectors or for making spicy drinks. The powder is of high quality and also utilized in the baking sector.